TXTMYADS's platform is very easy to use, but don't mistake ease of use for lack of power and functionality. Starting a SMS marketing campaign shouldn't be time-consuming and difficult. Our comprehensive feature set we offer will be enjoyed by marketing pros, however our intuitive web-based interface is easy for anyone to use. Whether you're looking to market your business, launch text-2-join campaigns, create polls and contests, or simply get in touch with all of your contacts at once, our SMS marketing service allows you to do so quickly and easily.
Bulk SMS

Keyword Marketing
Keywords allow people to join your subscriber list by texting that keyword to a number. We allow unlimited keywords.
Bulk SMS Scheduling
Have full control of when your SMS messages get sent out. Schedule them at any date and time and view what's in the scheduled queue.
Bulk SMS
At the heart of a SMS marketing campaign is the ability to send SMS messages in bulk to your subscribers.
After a person joins your subscriber list, votes in a poll, or enters a contest, automatically send them a custom message back.
Campaign Analysis
Track your campaigns and take a look into keyword performance, SMS logs, and new subscribers.
Contact Management
Manage and import your contacts, collect a directory of personal and professional contacts and engage your audience for sales.
QR Codes
QR (short for 'Quick Response') Codes are two dimensional barcodes which help bridge offline advertising to the online medium.
SMS Contests
Engage and reward your loyal customers by creating SMS contests. People enter your contest via text message and the system randomly picks a winner.
Create polls to collect valuable information and as another way to keep your subscribers engaged.
Receive voicemails. Either listen or even read them directly from your account since we transcribe those voicemails into text format!
Web Opt-In Widgets
Create web based opt-in widgets to allow potential customers to join a list through a web based form.
Mobile Page Builder
Create your own mobile web pages with video, images, or any HTML and then send those page URLs to your list. Perfect for event information!

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